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Whether it's a small gathering or large scale events, Vera has you covered as the go-to Bachelorette Party Venue. With capacities topping 500, Vera has the venue and space needed to create the Wedding Reception of your dreams!

Looking for a bachelorette party venue to host your next special occasion? Our elegant banquet facilities can accommodate any type of function, big or small. Make your dreams come true with the Bachelorette Party Venue at Vera Bar and Grill. We provide an ideal setting for your special day.

A bachelorette party's concept involves underlying values of friendship, and liberty! For a while, to have a "real" bachelorette party, it seemed to have to be debaucherous For some, that might still be how they want to celebrate their final days as an unmarried woman – and that’s absolutely fine provided no boundaries are crossed – but for others, that theme may not fit their personality. There are endless ways to celebrate at a bachelorette party, so it can be overwhelming to figure out what you want to do for yours. One way to narrow it down is to figure out what type of party is your style.

We're all for a night in our venue, with guests dressed up in some funny, thematic sashes. What's most important is that everyone's able to let loose and have fun—and we've got some alternative bachelorette party ideas for making that happen.

But before you get into planning mode, first thing's first: Consider the bachelorette party budget. Chat with other guests to see what people are comfortable spending and that'll help you narrow down the options. Also, it's okay to consult the soon-to-be-wed if you're totally stuck on bachelorette party ideas! If anything, it shows you really care about making this an impressive, enjoyable event. Throw out a few bachelorette party activities, ask for feedback and take it from there. 

Here are some of the most common bachelor party types: 

Free-Spritied & Fun 
This is how most people imagine a bachelorette party. It could entail a Las Vegas or Mardi Gras themed celebration. 

Classy & Elegant 
This bachelorette party style may seem more like a bridal shower at first glance, particularly if you want to enjoy the high tea. A dinner at our venue, with all the women closest to you, may just be what you need. 

Infusing your culture into the bachelorette party is also a fun experience to share with friends who would never have done anything along those lines otherwise. Bottom line: If you are planning a bachelorette party in your life for a special bride, we suggest that you explore with her a range of event choices and obey her wishes. Even if she generally loves a big party or enjoys traveling, in the middle of her wedding planning chaos, she might prefer a quiet or more basic bachelorette party.

 Our Hall Rental Facilities offer the most options for just about any size of an event at the most reasonable prices. We feature a hall rental for small to large Bachelorette Parties.

We also offer complete catering services and can accommodate any special menus as well as suggested catering themes. Our chefs offer their own suggestions and can review menus with you to make for a memorable experience!

We have the passion to be the best in interior decoration, to offer the best in delicious cuisine, and the best in customer service. We have added and catered to loyal clients who have become our treasured guests. Passion, class, expertise, and professionalism come together to create an unforgettable experience for you.

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